Energy Savings from Lighting Retrofit

Our lighting retrofit services provide the full energy efficient solution to ensure achieving superior energy efficiency through the replacement of outdated inefficient lighting fixtures. Energy efficient light fixtures such as the high output fluorescent offer energy savings of 70%.

Lighting Retrofit Benefits

  • • "White-glove" service from start to finish
  • • Lighting audit, including energy consumption and photometric analysis
  • • Recommendations for high-effciency retrofit lighting
  • • Savings and payback analysis

Commercial Electric Energy Consumption

Lighting fixtures consume the largest amount of electric energy in commercial buildings, three times the energy consumption of air conditioning. According to research reported by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), lighting consumes the largest amount of electricity in commercial buildings as measured by Kilowatt-hours (KWH) per Square Foot/KWH per Sq. Ft. provides a useful means of measuring the energy intensity of a building. We are able to provide a comprehensive energy audit to identify what fixtures and factors consume the most electric and suggest the lighting retrofitting services to close the hole.

Lighting Fixtures in Commercial Buildings

According to the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey, conducted by the EIA in 2003, found that only 23% of all commercial buildings employ energy efficient lighting fixtures. Buildings relying on older legacy fixtures are spending significantly more on utility expenses than those who have updated their lighting systems to a more modern energy efficient solution.
(According to Figure 2) Lighting fixtures in most commercial buildings, even those built after 1980, still rely on legacy incandescent and standard fluorescent light fixtures. These legacy fixtures are very inefficient in comparison to today’s more energy efficient lighting technology available now and as of 2012 some are no longer being produced.