What is an energy audit, and why might I need one?

An energy audit analyzes a single building; group of buildings or campus for ways an organization can reduce energy consumption through better energy efficiencies. A good energy audit maps out your first steps to lowering energy costs.

Energy audits identify how and where your building or campus wastes energy

Most buildings or campuses have multiples places where small improvements result in better use of energy, or they have old equipment that is inefficient and should be replaced. An Energy Audit reveals how and where energy is wasted, and methods for reducing energy waste and overall energy reduction in consumption.

Saving energy makes sense and saves cents

An energy audit will provide recommendations for increased energy efficiency and decreased energy consumption. This reduces our dependence on non-American companies and governments. Lower energy consumption helps the environment as well. Of course, saving money on energy bills is a good thing too.
We pride ourselves on a state-of-the-art approach to energy audits, one that takes into account the building type, building size, building construction and building systems. We create a prioritized ranking of energy saving steps based on favoring the steps that save the most money over the long term vs. the initial cost to implement. We assess virtually any process that consumes energy, including heating, lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, motors, controls, compressed air systems, industrial processes, and power generation among others. We look at hundreds of different efficiency measures and work with you to pinpoint the opportunities that will create the most value and benefit in terms of energy savings, process improvements, and reduced maintenance costs.

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