What is Integrated Distributed Generation

and how can my company save money?

More and more customers are realizing that they have the power and ability to take their company’s energy needs into their own hands. Integrated Distributed Generation addressed concerns surrounding pesky power interruptions and lack of reliability.
Integrated Distributed Generation from many small energy sources, allowing your business to produce all or just some of your energy needs. The energy used is what we call your “electric load”. By using just a portion of your “electric load” you can see a significant reduction on your utility bills!

Adding value to your bottom-line

Integrated Distributed Generation can help reduce the amount of the “electric load” your business needs to operate effectively. The technology that makes up Integrated Distributed Generation is designed to improve efficiency and lower your overall energy costs!
For example: The Distributed Generation Technology can be utilized in load response programs, this means in the event that your facility manger chooses to shed the “electric load” during your peak hours, onsite generation sources could continue to power the more vital systems even while your facility is reducing the total amount of electricity it draws off the grid.