What is compressed natural gas (CNG)?

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a [su_color_text]“lighter than air”[/su_color_text] natural gas that is stored at a high pressure. CNG typically contains methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and hydrogen sulfide and then these elements are simply compressed.
CNG typically has a octane rating of 130 compared to gasoline which is usually around a rating of 92. This means that CNG has a an advantage in [su_color_text]saving you money and energy![/su_color_text]

Improved power and performance

Even though your fleet may already be running on diesel, don’t think you can’t benefit from the money savings of switching to compressed natural gas! Your diesel engine can easily be converted to accept a proper diesel and CNG mix to operate with added power and fuel economy!

We offer financing solutions for all your CNG services,
including CNG fuel station design and construction.

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Fuel Better

Fuel Better

Just how much cleaner is Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)? Try about 30% less greenhouse gas emissions emitted into the air we breath when compared to gasoline or diesel.

Moving for Less

Moving for Less

By switching over to CNG, you can significantly reduce the cost of running your fleet. On average, compressed natural gas costs up to $1.50 or more/less per gallon than using gasoline.

Natural Gas is the [su_color_text]Cleanest[/su_color_text] Burning Fossil Fuel. Period.

More Reasons to Choose CNG

  • It’s local! The majority of natural gas is produced right here in the United States.
  • Ever day more and more CNG stations are being built, making it easier than ever to fill up and get back on the road.
  • It’s nontoxic, meaning it severely reduces risk, making it safer than gasoline.