Early Detection Is The Best Protection

Quickly highlight problem areas within your facility. This fast and low-cost analysis allows you to detect wasteful energy consumption, moisture infiltration and electrical issues before they evolve into costly repairs or exorbitant utility expenditures. It is the cost-effective and easy way to help save you money and improve productivity.

Roof Thermography Surveys

Easily find leaks, mitigate mold, and troubleshoot specific problem areas. IR Thermography data can identify precise areas needing repair to avoid much costlier complete roof replacement.

Predictive Maintenance Surveys

Extend your equipment life and find potential failures or fire hazards before they happen. Avoid unplanned business interruption costs. IR Thermography technology troubleshoots in seconds by letting the varying temperatures of components tell the story.

Building Envelope Inspections

Save money and identify building problems by precisely locating interior wall moisture, poor or inadequate insulation, and other substandard construction issues. Narrow down and rule out possible problem causes faster by seeing the whole picture with infrared.