At Commonwealth Energy Group, LLC., we value our users’ privacy. Information that you provide us is stored on our server and will not be distributed to other groups. The information that is provided is only accessible by designated staff.

Our servers will not store what a user does on our site, the user’s location, or any other personal info.

Personal information will not be provided or sold to 3rd parties affiliated with our business. When you fill out a form to contact us, that information will not be provided or sold to other groups without your consent.

The information that is collected (name, e-mail, and phone) will only be used to contact you from a Commonwealth Energy Group, LLC. employee or other qualified staff member. Commonwealth Energy Group, LLC. will not use that information to try to sell you other products or services from other 3rd parties without your approval. This information may or may not be stored on our server for an indefinite period.

Our servers will not use your IP address to target ads at you or to track your web browsing activity. Information may be used for statistical purposes, but it will not be used to collect personal information without your consent.

Commonwealth Energy Group, LLC. cannot guarantee the safety of any information that arrives at our servers. If data is sent on a network unencrypted or another person gains access to a user’s computer without their consent, that information could be picked up by another unknown party before it reaches us. Commonwealth Energy Group, LLC. holds no protection against any liabilities that may have occurred during this transmission process. Commonwealth Energy Group, LLC. also holds no liability if the server is illegally accessed by another source.

By using our site, you agree to the rules and conditions that are posted above. This privacy policy only pertains to Commonwealth Energy Group, LLC’s website and no other 3rd parties. The information within this notice may change at any given moment and will be updated on this page as soon as possible.