Grants & Tax Incentives

Grants originating from direct federal FUNDING OPPORTUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS (FOA’s) and state programs have never been more abundant. Competitive, matching, and non-matching programs are revealed daily. Commonwealth Energy Group has specific expertise and experience in matching our client’s profile to these grants. We know what grants to seek, and the application methodology that maximizes chances for success.

Low cost financing is also readily available through government subsidy of private sector lenders. CEG has relationships with commercial banks and private equity groups with specific interest in our client’s projects. In addition CEG also provides direct financing from its own guidance line of credit.

At CEG, we take advantage of all opportunities to reduce our clients’ property tax liability. Our staff focuses on maintaining a current knowledge of the various energy tax laws in each of our clients’ states. We continuously work to improve our in-house procedures related to meeting all filing requirements for our clients.

Depending on the project, the tax services offered by CEG will include the following but not limited to:

• Energy Efficient Buildings Deduction
• Energy Investment Tax Credit
• Renewable/alternative Energy Production Tax Credit
• Property tax assessment for wind farms
• MACRS Depreciation
• Abandonment of Depreciable Property

Working with assessing and taxing authorities in a professional and courteous manner is a matter of great importance to our company. We believe this type of working relationship is one of the keys to our success on behalf of our clients.