Funding Solved

While funding for each project is different, we will work together to reduce your energy consumption with [su_color_text]no upfront capital![/su_color_text]  

Financing Benefits

  • • On Bill Funding
  • • Pay For The Power, Never The System
  • • Shorter Payback
  • • Ongoing System Management

Pay From Savings

Pay from Savings is a strategic, design-build energy plan that is [su_color_text]self-funded by virtue of its own savings[/su_color_text]. Put another way, the debt service created as a result of the program is retired by the savings generated by the newly applied and/or installed technologies and operating procedures.


Grants & Tax Incentives

We have specific expertise and experience in [su_color_text]matching our client’s profile to these grants[/su_color_text]. We know what grants to seek, and the application methodology that maximizes chances for success.

Performance Contracts

Performance Contracting is [su_color_text]a way to reduce[/su_color_text] energy use and [su_color_text]cost[/su_color_text], renew facilities and building systems without expending capital funds. Under an Energy Savings Performance Contract, an energy services company (ESCO) such as ourselves, pays all costs involved in identifying, installing, operating and maintaining new or upgraded energy-efficient equipment.

Low Interest Loans

We provide up-front financing for retrofits and upgrades, with costs being paid from verified savings achieved. We can structure a customized energy services agreement and [su_color_text]arrange project financing at a low interest rate[/su_color_text].

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