At Commonwealth Energy Group, we pride ourselves on our energy audits.

We create a ranking of energy-saving steps prioritizing those that will save the most money in the long run over the initial cost to implement. We assess all parts of energy consumption including lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, motors, controls, air systems, and power generation.  We analyze hundreds of different measures and work with you on identifying what improvements have the most value and will benefit you the most.

Fluorescent Lamp Lights From Ceiling, White Ceiling With Neon Li


Designing or re-designing a lighting system can be a daunting task and chances are if you hire an electrician to do this type of work you will end up with whatever is on sale at the local supply house.  When you hire CEG, you hire years of experience in designing and installing Energy Efficient Lighting Systems that work in the space they are located.  Watts, Lumens, Kelvin, Dimmable, Non-Dimmable, Motion Sensors, Vacancy Sensors, and half a dozen other technical terms go into the equation of designing a system.  We design our systems to maximize light levels and energy savings giving our customers the best of both worlds.  The brands we use are top notch and we offer some of the longest warranty periods in the industry.

Energy savings on lighting is a broad range starting at 15% and going as high as 85%. On average, if a customer has not had an efficiency upgrade in the past 10 years, they will be in the 60 to 85% range. Customers who performed upgrades within the last 5 years can still achieve 30 to 40% savings.  Our lighting retrofit services provide solutions to ensure superior energy efficiency by replacing outdated and inefficient light fixtures which can save up to 70%.  We use photometric analysis and present you with a savings and payback analysis.

HVAC Air Chillers on Rooftop


Our engineering staff performs an energy end-use analysis to address a full range of systems including:

  • Geothermal heating and cooling applications
  • Central Boiler and Chiller Plants
  • Electric Motors and Drives
  • Heating, Venting, and Air Conditioning
  • Process and process-support equipment
  • Energy Management Control Systems