Energy Efficiency Tips Every Business Can Use


Businesses can make bigger profits every year by making an effort to go green, and doing so can be easier than you’d think. Energy efficient products are around every corner, but at times, even simple tweaks to a company’s routine can cut electric bills into a mere fraction of what they were at one point. Try these simple energy efficiency tips at your company’s workplace.

  • Apply for energy efficiency grants in your area of work. The government has been offering grants for companies that want to switch to solar or other renewable energy sources, and that grant money could help fund major changes to your business’s way of getting energy. This is a smart move for new companies that want to be more Earth-friendly, but don’t quite have the funding to do so yet on their own.
  • Remember that there is more to buying energy efficient products than just getting strange-looking lightbulbs for your office desks. They have energy efficient freezers, energy efficient light switches with dimming action for restaurants, energy efficient mixers, and other energy efficient industrial equipment that you can buy. If you use the equipment often, those electric bills will be significantly smaller from month to month!
  • A little insulation can go a long way. If your office is feeling frigid during January, but too warm com June, you have insulation problems that could be damaging your quest to conserve electricity. Making sure your office building’s windows and doors are fitted with insulation is a smart way to curb costs on air conditioning without the need to buy energy efficient AC units.
  • Educate your company’s employees on the importance on working together to create a more energy efficient world. Don’t be afraid to take employee suggestions to heart if they come up with a way to cut costs while remaining environmentally friendly. Similarly, encourage employees to turn off lights when they leave bathrooms, and keep an eye out for company equipment overuse.
  • Use the same common sense you use at home to cut energy costs at work. Energy efficient homes are making headlines, and it’s quite possible that you live in a home with low electric costs because of your effort to conserve power. If the tactics that you used to save money at home worked at home, they will work at your office.
  • Try to go for products that have great energy efficiency ratings from a 3rd party organization. It’s easy enough to say that a product is energy efficient, but it’s not so easy to have others rate it as more efficient than others. Energy efficiency specialists can tell you that highly rated products are investments that are worth every penny.
  • Ask a pro for more advice. You can’t expect to become a genius at saving on energy costs overnight. If you can’t find more ways to cut costs for your company online, do the wise thing and ask someone whose job it is to help people in your situation out.

There is never shame in asking for help from a professional who understands the needs of a modern business, and how they can be met with energy efficient tech. With the right help, you may even get applause from environmental groups for your work on keeping things as green as can be.