Who We Are

Commonwealth Energy, LLC is positioned to provide commercial facilities with the complete energy solution enabling business owners to benefit from government incentives and grants as well as the operating costs savings derived through efficient and alternative energy solutions. A benefit to our Clients is that we are positioned to not only plan and execute but to fulfill any project to reduce the number of steps and changeover of hands to the Client. This means a “well managed project, single source of contact and a project that will work within your budget.”

Ways we can help:
1. Initial Energy Audit
2. Payback Analysis
3. Design of new Green Energy solutions
4. Installation of New Systems
5. Certification of installation and verification of energy savings
6. Full Federal EPACT documentation for your tax deduction
7. Environmental Impact Study
8. Design of new Green Energy solutions
9. Warranty, Maintenance, & Bi Yearly audits to insure systems optimal
10. Performance Contracts
11. Design of Alternate Energy Solutions
12. Financing Solutions