Lou Evans, CEO of Commonwealth Energy Group, LLC. (CEG), founded the company with the help of some business associates in late 2008. Various changes in federal and state law had made it advantageous for commercial landlords to change their lighting to more energy efficient bulbs. Lou reasoned that landlords would likely not know of the opportunity and, if they did know of the opportunity, would not have the expertise to complete the various forms necessary to reap the full benefits of the change.

Hence, CEG was created to provide turnkey solutions for its customers. This means we cover every step in the process (e.g. audit, analysis, funding opportunities, implementation, grant and rebate processing, and tax certification) on behalf of its customers thus freeing the customers’ key managers to focus on their operation.

Vision, Mission, and Values

[su_bold]Who[/su_bold] We Are:

Some Words About Our Company

Commonwealth Energy, LLC is positioned to provide commercial facilities with the complete energy solution enabling business owners to benefit from government incentives and grants as well as the operating costs savings derived through efficient and alternative energy solutions.

  • Over 60 years of experience
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Our work guaranteed
  • Financing Solution

[su_bold]Our[/su_bold] Vision:

Provide the turnkey roadmap through our network of energy partners and green energy technology solutions that in turn provide dramatic improvements in energy efficiency. 

[su_bold]Our[/su_bold] Mission:

We are your one stop source and complete energy solution for commercial facilities that deliver substantial benefits to our clients such as:

  • Facilitating the paperwork to secure tax savings and grants
  • Conducting the energy audit to verify results
  • Providing the complete installation and services
  • Administering the coordination of energy partners for alternative energy solutions
  • Maintaining and warranting the energy system

[su_bold]Our[/su_bold] Values:



Efficiency and Productivity

Exceptional Financial Results