The existing lighting system at Commonwealth Financial Systems Call Center was (121) 2’x4’ Fluorescent Lay-in Troffers with Parabolic Lenses.  Each fixture had (3) 32 watt T8 Fluorescent Lamps. 


The existing system after many years of use had started to fail.  The way the existing fixtures are positioned over cubicles and employees created an immediate need to get a burned-out fixture repaired.

The type of lens on the existing fixture created a direct down-lighting effect, sometimes causing a glare on the computer screens while giving the overall appearance of the room to be a little dark.


Commonwealth Energy Group (CEG) designed and installed a new LED lighting system taking advantage of new Edge-Lit Flat Panel Lighting.  The new fixtures have frosted lenses that distribute the light evenly throughout the space giving the entire space a brighter feeling and giving the lights at the computer ample light for working and eliminating the monitor glare of the previous system and save 55% energy savings.

For a business whose employees spend 95% of there time looking at a monitor screen, “We have noticed a reduction in the amount of headache complaints and employees have mad comments saying they have less eye strain”.

CEG provided a 5yr Manufacturer Warranty on this project giving the College many years of maintenance free operation.