25% of your office staff working? 100% of your lights are on!
It’s time to flatten the curve.

Lighting control systems continue to play an increasingly important part in energy savings in commercial building applications. Energy savings is, however, not the only benefit to installing this system in your building. Aside from improved savings on your energy bill, they also provide better security, task tuning, daylighting, and system integration.

With the current pandemic situation businesses are operating differently. Many companies are working at between 25 and 50 percent occupancy. In this situation all of the lights are on. Having your floorplan evaluated by one of Commonwealth Energy’s professionals can provide you with a control systems plan that integrates with your current work plan and can easily be altered as building occupancy needs change.

A lighting control system can also provide the perfect environment for staff and customers by implementing task specific lighting. Control systems can be integrated with AI to provide asset tracking and asset management in warehouses, retail, patient care, airports. With apps on smartphones specific items can be tracked for location. Control systems can also be set up to alert the system manager of predictive maintenance.

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